Summer time at Bihoku

After 3 months or so without drifting, and with summer just starting, it was time to go back to Bihoku Circuit for some more skid racing. My good friend and mechanic said he was planning to go on the 7th and invited me to come along too. Not much of an article this time, just some photos from the day!

My friend drives this green Subaru. Probably one of the fastest drivers of the day and it’s 4wd! Don’t know how he manages to drift it and make it look like a rwd, probably an overflow of skill.

A rather busy day with lots of cars, I didn’t take too many photos of random people’s cars. I only stuck with people I knew so I could give them the photos later.

How about a lambo doored 180sx with a kouki front? Or an older Mazda.

I also was out on both tracks for the whole day drifting. Not too many people to tandem with this time as everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. Although I had a dude on the smaller course chase down my door a couple of times which was fun. When you turn your neck and see a tyre right beside you, the grin gets bigger and bigger.

Headed back to my city and had a quick pit stop at the port for the sunset. It’s usually busy here on a Sunday night if it’s fine weather. Seen this little mx5 a couple of times, first time taking any photos of it.

My friend got some new Takata harnesses and wanted me to take a photo of them for him! Props to anybody who drives an s2000, cabin space is lacking severely.

The sunset was on fire. Rather blessed with sunsets like this rather often. A few times a week it’s this good.

Once the sun disappeared, it was time to go home and shower off all the tyre dirt from the day’s activities.

Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

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