I installed an A’PEXi super suction kit, I really did!

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Mushroom filters, no thanks. It was about time I got rid of the mushroom filter in my Silvia. It also needed the filter changed, so why not just buy a whole new system? Much cheaper right??? A’PEXi is pretty popular and has a ‘bolt-on’ (I’m sure it won’t like everything bolt-on) option available for the Nissan Silvia.

The A’PEXi SUPER SUCTION KIT! 3 options were listed, the OEM air flow metre, a bigger airflow metre like the Fairlady’s, for example, and a D-jetro (I have no clue what this one is).

As you can see, I know what I’m doing (Not true, ever). What could go wrong with a simple pod filter install?

The kit will set you back 39,000yen (363usd) on their website. However, through Yahoo Auctions it was 33,034yen (307usd). TBH it’s a lot of money for probably hardly any change in the performance. But the mushroom is ugly and I wanted it gone!

This is the box that showed up at my door Wednesday lunchtime. I had a few hours to spare so I decided to get right into it. The contents were well protected with foamy bois. Nice box, good design on it. Can’t complain about that, or how it was packaged.

10 points so far.

Taking everything out of the box I can see what my 300usd got me.

1x pod filter
1x gasket
1x adapter
1x aluminum intake pipe
2x metal brackets
1x 60mm hose
1x stepped hose
8x screws
4x nuts
4x hose clamps

= 300usd. Hmmmmm. Obviously, you’re not paying just for parts. R&D and what not also costs a lot which is added onto the final price.

Anyway, that’s what came in the box. Everything seemed to be wrapped up nicely. Brand new looks good. It probably won’t stay clean for very long because my engine bay is dirty!

Very good engravings on the adapter plate and suction pipe. Also, the pod filter looks good! Check out the stepped pipe though, that’s one THICK pipe. That’s not going to flex at all. Not sure if that’s good or bad tbh.

The first part was pretty easy (Even with Japanese instructions with an outdated picture). Screw the adaptor plate onto the pod filter, and slip on the 2 pipes. Good, done.

Moving on.

Taking out the AFM in my car was very easy. Nothing was super stuck, just took a bit of muscle to take it out of the old intake pipe. Everything fits so far.

So, so far so good. Running on schedule.

Eww, mushroom. The filter isn’t even reusable, what?! Someone once told me that it’s better to have a metal intake pipe rather than a rubber one. Hope that’s true. I’ve also never liked how far back it sits. Leaves a big hole up the front there.

The new stuff looks 10x better. Red is also my favourite colour, so extra points for that. The two outlets that have been taped up (Don’t worry it’s not just tape in there) were originally blocked off from the previous owner. Hopefully, they are not important. The manual says the bigger outlet one goes to some kind of air duct and the smaller one to an air inlet pipe.

Maybe I need them, but probably not since the car still runs fine.

Oh NO! Maybe you can see a problem. The bigger outlet is MUCH longer than on the OEM part. Oh boy, I see a problem coming soon.

Wow! Imagine when your bolt-on parts don’t bolt-on, wait I don’t have to… I think it might have bolted on fine if this hot side pipe was OEM too, but it’s not. And look where the bigger outlet sits. Right under it.

Well that’s not going to work is it?


I love spending 300usd and then instantly cutting up the brand new parts. Out came the grinder and helmet. With no clamps, it’s really hard to cut loose objects like this. Using anything I could to keep it still, I finally got the outlet down to a reasonable length where it won’t touch (didn’t measure, just went for it).

Never seen inside that pipe before. That’s where my A’PEXi SUPER SUCTION KIT’s ALUMINUM INTAKE PIPE will connect to.

So much space here. You can see all of the other cool mods that give me street cred and keep my car looking hectic. All done by myself, a registered mechanic (not).

With a bit of jiggling, it fit in, JUST. The 2 brackets were hard to line up properly, and I had to use a few washers on the bottom bracket’s mounting point to lift it up a bit. It’s very close to the overflow bottle. And it’s touching the hot side pipe (I need to do something about this but haven’t done anything yet).

WOW, doesn’t it look good? And only for 300usd, what a steal. It looks better, it sounds better, and hopefully, the aluminum intake pipe does a better job than the OEM rubber one. Not a bad looking engine bay if I do say so myself. Nothing crazy, just mods to keep it reliable.

So shiny…

So poddy…

The difference is very big though. It looks at least 1.2x better. The red will probably fade pretty quick which is a shame. Apart from cutting the big outlet, it fits okay. It’s probably a much better fit on a more OEM car, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Now I just need to fix the touching tips (aka pipes).

The next mod I want to do is an oil filter. Come back soon or later to see if I end up buying one!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time ~

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

Ambition Works 2012 – 2020

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