J’S RACING spec S2000

2019, would you look at that. It’s been about 2 and a half years in Japan now. I’ve gotten very used to life in a small city on the coast. So much so that attending car events has actually gone to the back of my head. If/when I head back to New Zealand, I don’t think I could live in Auckland again, maybe a small coast town will have to do!

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I thought I better kick things off in 2019 before we get done with January. It’s not a new car for me, but it’s got new things which are just as good, right? My friend has had this S2000 ever since I’ve lived in my coast side city. When I first met him, the only J’S Racing parts that he had installed were the massive rear wing and front bumper (Maybe the rear too? Not sure really). If you look at it now, you can tell a lot has changed.

The boot was swapped out a while ago for a carbon fibre one, super-duper lightweight. I’ve had this thought process for a while now, why increase power when you can reduce weight? Sure, a carbon boot isn’t the cheapest thing to do, but there are other options.

The most recent purchase of his was the new bonnet which from a quick inspection looks to be carbon fibre on the top and FRP on the bottom. This bonnet costs a small fortune of about $1,500usd. If you want the full carbon bonnet it’s going to cost $2,100usd! That’s a lot of coin for weight loss. The stock bonnet wasn’t even that heavy when I was having a look at his engine. But, each to their own.

Or how about something that will add weight but increase airflow? For a few ten thousand notes ($400usd) these 4 carbon canards could be yours. I’m going to assume that being placed on without much thought probably doesn’t give any airflow benefit, however, I love the much more aggressive look that it gives off.

It was very nice to get out again and shoot some photos, the sun was super blue (It’s peak winter right now) and kind of hot! I really do like this S2000, it looks so pleasing to the eyes. I think the big rear spoiler creates a nice flowing shape from front to end.

Better find the next car to shoot now! Enjoy the below photos too 🙂

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

Ambition Works 2012 – 2019

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