Going Back Home

I’ve been away from NZ for a year and a half now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I thought it might be time to head back for a few weeks to see the family, friends, and eat some good NZ food! I had a full schedule, which left room for little automotive activities. In saying that, I did manage to fit in one sunny day for some mischief around Auckland City.

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I organised a get together of some old friends on a Friday. Being a Friday did mean that most people still had to work, so it was only a small meeting with a few friends. I brought along some Japanese souvenir for everyone to enjoy while we caught up under the harsh NZ sun.

Chris from S-Chassis came along in his recently upgraded CA turbo S13, as well as another S-Chassis buddy, Carey, who used to print and cut my original Ambition Works stickers. He owns the white S14 which pushes out serious amounts of horsepower. The last Silvia, the S15 is owned by a buddy all the way back from primary school, Nathan. A nice generation photo to start the day off.

After some chatting and having a look at new engine setups, one more of my mates turned up. It’s not the usual Nissan that I take photos of, but something much different indeed. An e36 325 m50 tastefully modified for mountain runs.

After about an hour and a half chilling at the yacht club on the waterfront, it was time to meet up with my fellow Kanto Club folk at a nearby park. Three of our members decided to turn up, four including me. Sadly one of our member’s cars was sitting in a garage waiting to be finished.

First, we have Yoshka’s shakotan style x80 Toyota Chaser sitting on a set of wide SSR Starsharks. This thing oozes radness, and with the fresh paint, it’s sure to be a neck turner this summer in New Zealand. Not only does it look like a shakotan, but it makes the noise to match!

Our founder, the man himself, the senpai of senpais, Kendall and his fresh as f%$k 180sx. We started Kanto Club a year or so ago now, and have a few members scattered around a few countries and fans around the globe. One day, we’ll have to get a website running with everyone’s cars on there.

The last member, Michael, walked from his house because his s13 is still waiting to be finished. However, it was still epic to catch up with everyone and meet some new members and people! Being back in New Zealand was good, it was a nice break from Japan, I’ll most likely be back in another couple of years or so for a visit.

Until then, it will be the usual, or the unusual, Japanese content being uploaded to our various social media and this website. The next event that I may be attending is Osaka Auto Messe in February. So stay tuned!

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

© Ambition Works 2012 – 2018

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