DDS: Taking a Step Back

About 6 or 7 years ago, I went to the racetrack with my mate. He was drifting his S15, rather standard, locked diff, coilovers, some bigger wheels. He also had a camera and liked taking photos of these drift days. Those ‘Hori Dori’ drift days, many years ago. As he was out, limit bashing his non-turbo S15, I grabbed his camera and started taking some snaps.

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Little did I know that this would consume my life for the better part of my early 20s. It was fun, taking photos of cars. I even made a Facebook page, back when it was only starting to be a common thing. It turned out that I actually copied someone else’s name in Auckland. So, it was back to the drawing board to find a new name. Around 2012, I coined the name ‘Ambition Works’ one day driving along in my car.

This name stuck, and by this time I was at the race track at least twice a month. I would take some photos, upload them to my computer, do some ‘not so very good’ editing, then post them on my Facebook page. That was fun, people liked seeing photos of their cars on the internet. A year or two later, I wanted to differentiate myself from the ever-increasing influx of photographers, or people with a DSLR. I started trying to write articles. I was never good at writing at school, and I’ve still got a long way to go, but my plan worked.

The next year or two was okay. I would drive further than before (Taupo, Manfield, even Christchurch), take photos, return home, edit the photos, write the article, upload the article, then post the pictures to Facebook. The process started to become long and take up more of my time. It was starting to lose its charm. I felt like I was starting to give too much, for not much in return.

This is the point where it started to turn into a chore, rather than a fun activity. I was doing it for other people, not for myself. Ambition Works wasn’t a business for making money, it was my hobby that kind of turned into something else (which I still don’t know what that is). At this point, it wasn’t just Facebook, but also Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube that needed to be updated. It was just too much.

I also started releasing articles every week. With weekly articles, and all the social media sites to update, plus creating the content, I’m sure you can see how it became a chore and not a fun hobby. I was glued to the screen. Addicted to how my likes, how many views I would get.

About a year ago, I moved to Japan. And I’ve noticed that when I go to events, I’m more focused on creating content for you, rather than enjoying the event for myself. I spend money travelling a long way to cover events, but I just don’t enjoy them like I should. That’s a sad realization for living in the motherland of Japan.

The photos in this article are from an event called DDS (Drift Dress-up San-in). Where I was drifting my Silvia, taking photos to cover the event, and keeping the multiple social media channels up-to-date. When there is so much to do, on what is suppose to be a fun day, it loses most of the fun.

From today, I’ll be doing things a little different around here. Articles won’t come so often. I’ll write when I want to write, and not write to just produce content. I’ll be uploading when I have downtime, and not making time to upload. I’ll be going to events and enjoying myself while taking some photos on the side. This is how I started it over 5 years ago. This is what I found fun. So I’m going back to that time. I’m going to start enjoying car events again. I hope in this endeavour, it will also bring a higher quality of content.

This is not the end of Ambition Works, just the start of a new chapter.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

© Ambition Works 2012 – 2017

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