Army Spec: Apocalyptic MRS

The third generation of Toyota’s MR2, in Japan labelled as the W30 MR-S (MR2 Spyder/Roadster) is the son to the much beloved W20 MR2. For one reason or another, the W30 never really made a big impact like the W20 did. Why is that? Are the 1990s era of cars unbeatable among car enthusiasts? I think they might be, but that doesn’t stop other eras of cars being modified. Maybe one day the 2000s will be the new 1990s, only time will tell.

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Today we take a closer look at a somewhat interesting example of a W30. While strolling around the carpark after WEKfest in Nagoya, I caught a glimpse of this, then it vanished. It wasn’t until later that I found it again, with the owner present. I asked if it was alright to take a few photos, the driver was more than happy to oblige. His friends seemed to think it was funny that a foreigner was so interested in his ride.

It’s not your usual adjustable suspension + wheels W30 that I’d assume most W30 modifications stop at. No, here we have something modified truly past just adjustable suspension and wheels. We have an apocalyptic prepared W30. It’s ready for war, zombies, mummies, or anything that is thrown in its way.

It’s also very low. So low in fact, that if it were to hit any large object directly on the massive bullbars, be it a human or a mummy, no parts of that body would get stuck underneath the chassis. The owner has also gone and changed the original wheels for a set of wide steelies coated with lush white paint.

It’s a weird car, you could easily mistake this for the front and not the rear. The light bulbs have been removed, the Advan bumper has been cut up to show off the writing on the support bar. To the far right, it looks like an old bullet carry case, for the moments when the car won’t do the job.

How good is this though? It’s been awhile since I’ve been taken back to those times I used to play with a rubber duck in the bathtub. The Japanese sure know how to put the finishing touches on a car. This W30 looks killer with the army style, but to put a cute yellow rubber duck on the finished product, that takes big balls.

To finish off the green fence paint as I would describe it, he’s added the typical red circle from the Japanese flag. It’s rather popular over here in Japan, painting red circles on things. In NZ we don’t usually do this with our flag unless we go overseas. You’d think that it would be something Japanese people would do when going overseas so people know where they are from? That’s not the case though, and to be totally honest, I’m not too sure what is.

Would you take this slammed W30 into an apocalyptic world? Could it outrun the cars from Mad Max or would it get sucked up by the enormous sandstorms? I think the owner has done a great job at turning this into something that looks out of this world.

That’s a wrap from our content that we made at WEKfest in Nagoya, make sure to stay tuned for next month’s articles about various cars and the Doridore drift event that happened at Suzuka Twin Circuit in May. Stay safe and drive hard, see you next time.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

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