WEKfest: Parking Area Glory

After leaving the WEKfest show, I thought it would be a good time to have a look at the main parking area before heading back to the trusty Silvia. I wasn’t wrong, like usual, the amount of modified cars in the parking area was astonishing. From the usual slammed Nissans, to the more unusual Jaguars, there was something for everyone.

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With so many cars to choose from, I nailed it down to a few of the best and most varied styles to put into this short article. I thought because we are in Japan, why not start it off with the most iconic drift car from the 80s? The AE86 or otherwise known as the Toyota Levin/Trueno.

Next, we have most possibly the second car in that lineup. The S-Chassis, the RPS13 or as it’s called in Japan the 180SX. This one was with a few others as they were leaving, all were going for the USDM look with the one behind it wearing USDM front and rear bumpers giving it that pig nose look that’s so famous over in the states.

This Honda made me laugh a little bit on the inside. It was a clean and tidy Integra, the wheels though, they just looked slightly off. Too much camber in my opinion, especially for a front wheel drive car. Look at the dirt marks on the tyre, it’s only covering about half of the wheel. That’s form over function for you.

The AE86 is starting to become a more interesting car since moving to Japan (In my eyes). You would be hard pressed to come across one in New Zealand, let alone a whole bunch of them, a school of AE86s if you will? I think one day, sometime down the line, I’ll have to look at purchasing one of these screaming 4AG-E non-turbo engines, they just look so good.

Another style of car I would love to add to my future garage. The luxury of the VIP style seems so useful on long road trips around the boring highways of Japan. I’d most definitely opt for airbags rather than a static set-up and ruining my chassis in the process though.

If you didn’t already know, the yellow plate refers to a ‘kei’ car, a car with 660cc or less. Having a small engine results in also having a small body. These are very useful around crammed neighbourhoods or manoeuvring through busy city roads. Compared to a normal sized 4×4 they are much smaller.

Or what about the iconic Fairlady Z? There were too many cars to choose from to put in a future garage, I’d need an aeroplane hangar if I was going to pick everything that fancied my interest. This things nose is so sharp compared to today’s cars, it looks like it could slice you in half.

From the original AE86 to exotic supercars. WEKfest had it all, or most of it anyway. The owner of this Ferrari drove it all the way from Hokkaido to get to Nagoya for the show. That’s about a day and a half of driving. Best of all, the car doesn’t raise up much higher than this.

Who doesn’t love a good S13? Wide body, with massively dished wheels along with a classy 326 Power wing. It all goes together so nicely, and the black really sets off the chrome wheels. Everyone was starting to leave the show, so it was about that time to go and see cars trying to escape the death trap of the slight incline into the show.

As well as that I was waiting for cars to do some sort of ‘cool’ thing while leaving. Although there was a yakuza spec man standing outside telling everyone not to do anything stupid. That’s okay though, just watching the cars leave the show was enough to put a smile on my face.

There is still one more car from the parking area that I didn’t show yet, I’ll leave it for a separate short article because I think it’s worth it and rather amusing. Next year, I advise you get yourself to Japan during Golden Week and bask in the glorious Japanese car culture, you won’t regret it.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2017

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