Spotlight Feature: Kazuki-san’s S14 & Mae-san’s S13

It’s been a year now since we visited Kobe (神戸) in Japan (日本). We shot so many cars that somehow a year’s worth of content come from it, plus some. As well as old content from Japan (日本), we are also producing new content within Japan (日本), with Bihoku Highland Circuit (備北ハイランドサーキット) only a 1.5 to 2-hour drive from where we are situated, it’s our new local race track. We’ve been twice already, and looking to make monthly visits for the foreseeable future. Today, though, today we look back at our last time in Japan (日本).


We’ll have a look at two cars that constantly hug the ground. Two cars that would make a whole lot of motor heads angry, two cars that work so well together in a quick photo shoot. These two cars are owned by Kazuki-san and Mae-san from the greater Osaka (大阪), Kobe (神戸), and Kyoto (京都) area.


Kazuki-san came along in his Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki (日産シルビア一四前期). The car’s tail lights have been upgraded to those from a Kouki (後期), and it’s also got the Zenki (前期) OEM side skirts and end caps.


Mae-san’s Nissan Silvia S13 (日産シルビア一三) from a side on point of view, just looks amazing. It probably isn’t the most convenient car to drive in the world, but hey, personal style and all that. He’s gone for a subtle grey on grey look with simple aero and the addition of some wide steelies.


The grey car appears to be running OEM guards with slight modifications to fit the monstrous wheels underneath them. Kazuki-san has gone for bolt on rear guards and a truck style wheel plus he has also upgraded the OEM mirrors to a stylish aftermarket set.


If you think these cars aren’t functional, well you’re wrong. As well as parking hard in car parks, they also attend the odd drift day. Smoking up tyres is something these chassis do so well, Mae-san and Kazuki-san have been making sure they stick to this fashion.

Low and slow? It’s a craze that has hit the world hard and is still hitting. Time and time again people come up with absurd modifications to try and stand out with their own style. I think taking a step back, and making simple changes like Mae-san and Kazuki-san could be the way to go.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight Feature: Kazuki-san’s S14 & Mae-san’s S13

  1. Nice article on two very sexy looking cars 🙂 Could anyone by a chance tell me the name of the wheels on the zenki? I think the s13 one are D racing steelies but cant figure out the wheels on the zenki.

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