Female Entertainment: Japan Style

It’s a rather common situation to have paid female entertainment at automotive shows around the world. It goes hand in hand, guys like cars, and they also like woman. I’d heard about how crazy the males in Japan go over females at car events on the internet and through friends, but this was my first time witnessing it first hand, right in the mixt of it all.


The event had a main stage where all of the day’s female antics would take place as well as other entertainment. As there was a set schedule for the day, the announcements would also be made from the main stage by one of the staff workers who also happened to be female.


It was all in Japanese, and I could only pick up a few words, so I wasn’t too sure what they were talking about. Although, when they started to announce that the next act would be on, the males hoarded around the stage like nothing i’d seen before. It actually made for the perfect time to take photos of the cars as everyone had flocked to the stage.


We’ll head back to the main stage in a bit. First lets check out what companies had brought along some female promotion people. Over on the far end of the show, I stumbled across a car cleaning service. I had no clue what was happening. The whole car was surrounded by people, so I had to get a closer look. The girls were really putting on a show and not much cleaning of the car was being done. At one point, the owner was held up against the car with the woman cleaning him!


Just behind the car wash section, was another lady in some rather interesting choice of clothing. She was performing a pole dancing routine to the music that the DJ was pushing out. She was going 110% as well, and actually rather entertaining I might add, pole dancing is no easy feat.


I was expecting to see more woman dressed in this type of fashion. Posing next to cars just like how it’s done in all the Japanese magazines. I found maybe one or two doing the same thing. These girls have patience 10 times what I have. I wouldn’t want to stand still all day for multiple people to take photos. And they look so happy to do it as well.


Okay, I actually laughed at this one. I had absolutely no idea why she was sitting in the trunk of this car. I’m also not sure why all of the ‘I’s in the sign are lower case. Japan’s English never fails to put a smirk on my face. We only managed to find a few girls that weren’t hired by Stancenation for the event, so let’s head back to the main stage to see what was happening!


It was my first real experience of males being creepy. Everyone with their cameras out, and I mean everyone. I saw one person that was holding a selfie stick with at least FIVE cameras stuck to it, taking photos that I’m sure would be going in a specific folder on their computer. Obviously they are not all like this and it’s a big assumption, so make your own judgements.


I think I can understand why though, these women were captivating. They knew how to put on a show, and how to look good in front of a camera. The main stage had two big acts, this being the second one, from the girls at Cyberdance Japan. A group that has many ‘attractive’ females participating as entertainment at events all over Japan.


I think my favourite entertainer from the day was Mika. She knew how to look directly into a camera lens which made for fabulous photos. These girls are like gods in Japan, they have massive followings in every city, and provide ‘unnecessary’ standards among women. Just like any other country I suppose.


They definitely added to the show in my opinion. I did learn that it’s rather common for them to just go on stage and do their own thing; their own dance. Which isn’t the best. Choreographed acts look 100 times better, and with a little practice, could have wowed the crowd ten-fold.

Is it similar to your country? Do car events bring women along to entertain the massive amounts of male guests? I know that in NZ, there are only female promotion models at the prestigious D1NZ drifting championship. Where are all the ripped males with only pants on? I’m sure there are females attending these events that wouldn’t mind some male entertainment every now and then. Anyway, I think Japan has nailed it on the head with the Cyberdance Japan group, good stuff.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2016

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