Osaka’s Best: A Bunny with aggression!

It’s nearly been a year since I was last in Japan shooting some truly insane cars. We still have a few more articles to get through before all of the content is released, though. After that, we can start releasing fresh content, because If you didn’t already know, our new base is situated right in Japan itself! So expect more and more Japanese content from here on in.


I don’t think this car needs much of an introduction. Toshiyuki-san is popular on Instagram and on many Facebook pages, so unless you’re not a die-hard fan of Silvias, maybe you wouldn’t know. Toshiyuki-san currently lives in Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, which is located in the Kansai region just above Osaka City. This photoshoot, however, was not in Kyoto City.


For this photoshoot, we headed to Osaka City, which funnily enough, is situated in Osaka Prefecture, also in the Kansai region. If you’ve never been to Japan, the Kansai region is rather populated. With Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe (known as the keihanshin metropolitan region) all being so close together, the combined population hits over 20million, making it a popular place to visit.


Due to the fact that Osaka is such a large city, it has been divided up into wards (区 – ku), 24 to be precise. Today we visit a ward called Minato-ku, which translates directly to Harbour Ward. It’s located next to Nishi-ku which is more well known, as it’s towards the centre of the city.


The exact location for the photoshoot is a rather popular one. You can see why with that background. The bridge you see here is called Minato-Hashi, which translates into Harbour Bridge. In Osaka, there are many wharfs, ports, quays, or whatever you want to call them. This particular one is called 第七岸壁 (dainana ganpeki), which means the seventh wharf. Google even considers this wharf as a tourist attraction because the view is so unbelievably amazing.


The day we were here, we got off very lucky. It wasn’t too hot, or too cold. The sun was shining all day long with only minimal white fluffy clouds in the skies. From the wharf as well, you have the perfect view of the setting sun, and because it was Winter at this time, the sun set nice and early at around 4:30pm. So you could say the settings were beyond on point for this photoshoot.


The car in question, as I said earlier is Toshiyuki-san’s Onevia. I shot this car for S-Chassis and have already done an article on their website which has a detailed list of specifications. So if that’s what you are after, follow this link: Here, I will try to tell an engaging story about the situation, and try to make you feel like you are there with me, rather than just listing the specs.


The day actually started a little later than expected. We were supposed to meet with Toshiyuki-san around 9am that morning. That didn’t happen, though. With Kyoto City being about an hour or two away by car, and the car not actually being ready for the shoot until later than morning, we ended up starting a lot later, more like 1 or 2pm.


This worked in our favour as we were able to get the perfect light and sunset into the photos. Only a couple hours of sunlight remained, and the longer we waited, the better the view got. We actually held this spot for the whole day, about 6 or 7 hours. Other cars were waiting to use it, but we greedily didn’t leave until the sun had pretty much set.


Unfortunately, I was only able to bring one lens with me, my 24-105. So my shots were somewhat limited. Until, one of my Japanese friends let me use all of his lenses, plus his lighting setup?! How these people became so kind and caring is beyond me, especially when you notice how much more kind and caring they are than people from wherever your hometown is.


I’m rather a fan of the two-faced theme going on. The left side of this car is covered in pink accessories including the wheels, and the right side is covered in gold accessories, with gold wheels. To be entirely honest, I think the gold looks a whole lot better than the pink.


Toshiyuki-san has taken this car to many events. Including the very famous and popular event in Okayama prefecture called Offset Kings, where he looked to have come first in one of the show categories.


The other major sticker on the car was that of Stance Nation. Established in 2010, and growing rapidly since. Lucky for us, this time around while we were in Japan, the annual Stance Nation event was actually being held in Odaiba, Tokyo. So, without thinking, we purchased tickets to the show, went, and saw some of the craziest styled cars we’ve ever seen. Future articles about the 2016 Stance Nation event coming soon.


Last time when I came to Japan, I didn’t bring any stickers with me sadly. I couldn’t hand any out to all of the people I met, which meant their car wouldn’t be graced with such an ugly sticker just like mine. Luckily for them, this time I have an abundance of them!


The photoshoot was pretty relaxed, we moved the car around a few times, took too many photos as usual. But, I noticed one trend that seemed to be the same with most of the cars I had shot in Japan. That is, they either don’t touch their engine or do very little modifications to it if they have a modified car. None of them asked me to take engine shots, and when I asked why not, most of the time I got a response like: “oh, it’s too dirty”.


That’s okay, though, the outside of this car still looks amazing, and to this day it’s still most likely the cleanest and best modified Silvia I have had the pleasure of photographing. The only thing that puts me off the car, is that massive, fuck off, spoiler. Removing the bumper also makes for a different look. So I’m not sure how well the front of the car matches the rear.

All in all, though, it’s a nicely put together car. Thank-you Toshiyuki-san for driving all the way from Kyoto to Osaka to meet with us, much appreciated. Hopefully, we will be able to meet again soon to take some more photos, with our new Silvia next to yours.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2016

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