Making Dreams Come True: Tatsumi PA

My second visit to Tokyo, and my last city before heading back to New Zealand was made great by a new friend. I had met Mitch last time I was in Tokyo, so I thought I’d contact him again and see if he wanted to go out to Tatsumi and Daikoku one last time before I left the country.


The night started with me catching a couple of trains to meet Mitch at his local train station. Then a quick gas station stop, where we didn’t even have to exit the car, and lastly heading towards the infamous C1 loop covering Tokyo’s biggest areas.


If you like cars and you like Japan, you’re probably familiar with Tatsumi PA (Parking Area). It can be found in the Koto area of Tokyo and is considered by the government a rest area for truck drivers and people travelling long distances.


This may be true sometimes, but during the night on Friday and Saturday the small parking area plays host to some of the strangest and craziest cars in Tokyo. They come in after driving around the C1 loop for a rest and a cold beverage from the multiple vending machines.


Today was a particularly quiet day. It was New Year’s Eve, so we thought cars would be out in force, however this wasn’t the case. Although there were still a decent amount of cars to gawk over. After Tatsumi, we also made the trip to Daikoku, expecting it to be overloaded with cars. This was not the case and again we were disappointed when we found cops blocking the entrance and the parking area deserted.


It wasn’t until the next day or two that I realised the time Daikoku and Tatsumi was actually full with exotic supercars wasn’t until New Year’s Day. Goes to show, planning the appropriate day can make an adventure a whole lot better.


In saying that, the night was still extremely memorable. After hanging out at Tatsumi for a good hour or two, taking group photos and meeting new people we moved on. We boosted through the C1 loop with our new friends, playing tunes from Tokyo Drift. Making dreams come true.


The rest of the night was spent around Yokohama where we counted down to the new year and watched the fireworks go off. While sticking around for a while, a group of 15 or so extremely modified Hummers approached, and I mean EXTREMELY modified. Spinners, neons, crazy paint jobs, strobes, multiple subwoofers, airbags, and so on.


It was a good night in the city of Tokyo, and the second time visiting Tatsumi PA. The usual trend at Tatsumi is for cops to come along every now and then, shooing away the parked cars. Then after a short period of time, new cars arrive.


The variety of cars that are present even just throughout one night is rather impressive. As I said earlier, tonight was a very quiet night, but still, there was a very diverse selection of cars. If you have nothing planned for the night, you can just sit there listening to each car boost off from the parking area at warp speed. It’s an orgasm for the sensors.


Towards the end of our stay, we got Mitch and our new friends to pose for a little photo shoot. The stunning high rise apartments in the background make for an absolutely amazing backdrop to any photo.

When you finally get off your ass and visit Japan, and of course Tokyo, I highly recommend checking out Tatsumi and Daikoku on a Friday or Saturday night. Or on a special date, like 86 day or RX7 day. If you don’t know anyone in Japan and don’t have a ride to get there – because you cannot walk there, by car is the only way – just hire a car. Hire the car for one night, pay the 10,000yen toll fee to get on the C1, and then enjoy the views until your heart is completely satisfied. You won’t regret it.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2016

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