Garage 13: Version 2.0

After my travels to Japan, I had a short stopover in Brisbane, Australia. Initially it was only supposed to be a quick stop-over, however, my flight got changed prior to leaving Japan giving me around 8 hours in Brisbane. Now what to do in 8 hours I wonder? I couldn’t just sit around the airport with my camera gear in tow and contacts floating around the city.


I left it rather last minute and started messaging people I had met last year in January when I did a few photos shoots in Brisbane. I had been to this place before, and since it was a working day, they were bound to be open with cars galore.


Beau, the owner of Garage 13 had moved premises since my previous visit, to a more spacious location. With some things the same, and a lot of things different, the team at Garage 13 sure are a predominant bunch within the Brisbane automotive scene.


He has also sold on his famous Odyssey front end converted S13 and purchased this. An immaculate facelifted S14 that looks excitingly aggressive. Personally, I think that the facelifted front end of the S14 Silvia is the most intimidating of the family tree.


It’s rolling along on a set of rather big Work Vs wheels with a wide body front and rear attached. Not a bad start for a new drift car, all the works already done. Or is it?


8 months ago when I was in Brisbane, it was actually nothing more than a rolling body. The body was however in amazing condition along with other bits and bobs including a fuel set-up in the boot. The only thing needed now is a new heart.


This blue R33 wasn’t around during my last visit, it sure gained my attention this time. The colour alone was a real standout feature, along with the big rear wing.


The rather unique rear over fenders and the massive Work wheels gave the rear end of the car an incredibly wide stance compared to a factory R33. It’s already sitting at a reasonable height, but with room between the guard and wheels, could it go lower?


Another car in the shop that looked to be having some major work done to it was this 180SX with an SR20DET heart. The front bumper was off, leaving room to be worked on and upgraded.


The engine bay looks to be having a good service and pick-me-up. With piping still being made up to fit everything together.


Lots of nice engines were scattered around the shop. This car had a heavy RB engine taking up the duties of the heart. RW mechanical and Garage 13 have had a long partnership, helping each other out when the other needs it. Hence all the stickers!


Down the back hid a little AE86 with a 4A-GE engine under the bonnet. Attached to the engine you can see a massively oversized turbo to make the Toyota engine go chu chu chu.


As well as working on cars, Garage 13 also dismantles crashed or wrecked cars. On the doctor’s bench was this S13 with most of the bits missing already.


To make things easier for the boys working on the cars, they’ve got three lifts to get cars into the air. If you’ve had to work on any car with just a jack and stands, you’d know how much envy is involved when you see people working on cars held up by lifts.


Here you can see a seat getting its rails modified to be able to fit snug into its new home.


The new garage could fit in a whole heap of cars. Down the back was used more for storage of team member cars, cars with plans on hold, or just a place to keep stuff out of the way.


The other side is where most of the parts are kept, with a makeshift loft being made to hold most of their wheels and tyres, along with big car parts like body kits.


With the amount of cars that get dismantled here, you’d think that parts would be lying all over the place? Well, the boys at Garage 13 aren’t messy, sure there are lots of parts, but they are all put in their places.


Along the wall sits boxes and boxes of spare parts like bolts, suspension arms, piping, and anything else that you can think of that would fit in a box of this size.


The corner of the workshop lay home to a pile of different exhausts, multiple drive trains, steering components, engine parts, and suspension, both stock and aftermarket.


Just like last year when I went round to Garage 13, I was welcomed with more rain. That, however, didn’t stop person after person rocking up to the shop to visit Beau and his team.


This clean R32 with side skirts and endcaps sat to the side all day. It’s great to see a nice R32 couple in such good condition on the outside. In NZ anyway, it’s a rare sight.


On the other side of the driveway, behind Beau’s S14, sat a clean and simple S13. That looks to be just a street car, but you never know, it could also see the track every now and then. Behind that sat a decent looking R33 with some nice R33 GTR wheels.


Another S13 arrived during the short time I was there. A two tone as well, although not a factory two tone. A black and bright blue two tone, owned by a restricted driver on his Ps.


So we see here that sitting under the S13s hood is a nice turbo, I’m sure the driver must have some fun in the car then, it would be a shame not to.


Out the front lies a waiting line of cars to be on the doctor’s bench. This R32 didn’t know if it wanted to be turning left, or if it wanted to go right. What a strange car indeed.


Another R32 was sitting outside with a few nice parts on it that would soon be stripped and sold to customers of Garage 13.


Mainly the shop is filled up with Nissans, but there are a few other makes and models lying around the place, like this Mazda MX-5 and the Soarer down the back.


In the very far corner of the shop, sat two very different cars. Staying dry and collecting dust at the moment. Beau and his team will hopefully get these old machines back to their former glory one day soon.


My friends from last time, Tye and Zac came down to the shop to see me. Along with this new daily Chaser. What a nice example of a tidy and luxurious daily driver indeed.


As well as having a shop in Brisbane, the team also participates in drifting events. The one being prepared for here was the next Matsuri.

If you’re in the area, or even if you’re not. Garage 13 will surely have the Nissan parts you’re looking for. If you want to see some sweet cars in action as well, go find them on the world wide web and see what they get up to during the weekends!

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2016

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