Spotlight Feature: Yuu-san’s Nissan Silvia S13

I’d seen so much online about TRA-KYOTO and the body kits they produce. When I finally got to see one in person I was more than ecstatic. Let me introduce you to Yuu Takeda-san and his TRA-KYOTO equipped S13.


Yuu-san had gone with the full on black look with blacked out tail lights. The colour kind of hides how insane this body kit actually is in real life. It’s a V2 S13 Rocket Bunny kit with an added lip and duck tail, and the fitment of the body kit is spot on. No half-assed jobs here.


The car is sitting on a set of rather interesting wheels. A collaboration between Enkei and 6666 Customs named Enkei x Formula Mesh 6666 Customs wheels, and they are insanely wide wrapped in 255/40 at the rear.


The wheels have chromed lips with gold painted centres. A cool addition to these wheels are the centre caps with the iconic Rocket Bunny pig etched into the plastic.


This car screams night crawler. Imagine rolling around Osaka’s version of the C1 loop and having this menacing looking car creeping up behind you. You’d probably hear it before seeing it. With a blink of an eye and a flicker of gold, it’d be gone and remain as just a distant memory.


The bolt on fenders cut off just short of halfway down the rear of the wheel. The absence of plastic covering the rear of the tyres produces an aggressive look from the behind. Which also goes along nicely with the addition of the classic bolt-on rear duck tail.

Do you like the fully blacked out, tints and all, S13? Or would you have modified it in a different way? I think it’s a pretty angry looking piece of machinery, and if you like this spotlight feature, I’m sure you’ll like the next one coming out in August.

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Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2013 – 2016

One thought on “Spotlight Feature: Yuu-san’s Nissan Silvia S13

  1. I just purchased this car in the United States, looking to get in contact with the previous owner. Can you help me?

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