Tottori Scouting

While I was off automotive hunting around Japan, which wasn’t the initial reason for being there, the real reason for being there was to actually study the language for a whole month at a Japanese University located in Tottori in Tottori Prefecture! So while I was there I got my hunt on and found some epic cars in the process.


Two of which I will show you below. The tricky thing about being in Tottori, which predominantly is considered as being in the country, meant the only transport I had was the typical Japanese push-bike. With a cute little basket in the front, of course. However! For one weekend I was shipped off to a homestay, where to my great happiness they had better transport than a push-bike.


As they knew I loved cars, because I told them many times, we stopped to look at every JDM one we could. One of them happened to be this extraordinary Honda NSX. Now, when I was by myself I would take photos of any car I saw, apparently this wasn’t acceptable as my host family told me off for doing this. Each and every time he politely asked the driver if I could take photos of their car, and if we couldn’t find the driver, I wasn’t aloud to take photos of the car.


Luckily this time, the driver was there and he was chill enough to hang around for a bit while I drooled all over his immaculate NSX. I’d actually seen a few NSX’s in Japan, no where near as rare as they are in NZ, but this one actually blew my mind!


The paint itself looked out of this world, with a slight change of colour when you move around. It also had a hint of colour changing on the wheels which put off a lush colour combo.


Now, because these are so rare in NZ, I hardly see any of them. So to see one with an aftermarket body kit was a rather rare occasion. Not sure what kind of kit it was, but it sure changed the look of the whole car rather dramatically, especially from the front.


We actually nearly missed this NSX all together, I only spotted it through the corner of my eye. My host family was super kind and turned around to go back into the gas station where I saw it. How cool is that? They even took me to an Up Garage, another wheel shop, and Autobacs!!


It was starting to get dark and I think they had to drop me back to my accommodation so we headed off. But, we waited for the NSX to leave first, and ohhhh boy the sound was just fantastic. Click here to see a video of just what I mean.


Nearly back to my host’s house, we spotted another sick car. Coincidently the only other cool Honda that came of out Japan! Now it was getting really dark, however, the shop was still open so we headed in and asked for more permission to start taking photos of their vehicle.


It looked to be equipped for time attack, with all the aero it had on the sides, and the lightweight looking wheels. The rear was fitted with even more time attack equipment with a massive “don’t fuck with me” diffuser.


After the sweet day of sightseeing and automotive stops we headed back to my University where my bike was parked so I could take the slow ride back to the creepy accommodation I had been placed in during my stay.

If you want to see more of what we found in Tottori, visit our Facebook page or click here to see the album of cars. Next stop in Japan is Mie where we have four articles for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned, we’re not even half way through releasing our Japanese content yet!

Photos: Shaun Constable | Words: Shaun Constable | Proofer: Chadd Davis

© Ambition Works 2015

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