13 Glitters and Sparkles

It’s hard to imagine only a few short years ago I wouldn’t even speak to someone I didn’t know. It’s funny how some people completely change from how you used to know them. I now find myself shooting automotive events and feature cars all around New Zealand and Australia. Going from having my face glued to the TV screen every afternoon to this is definitely a good trade up in my books!


~~~~~ Zoom in for LARGER photos ! ~~~~~

Again we head back to the wonderous place that is Garage 13 and take a little time to examine and drool over another Nissan Silvia hiding in their mountain of cars and parts. This individual S13 is owned by Tye, and again I mention the shocking weather because of the…


Totally unique paint job covering the metal underneath. Tye has gone for a violet crumble purple paint. Then adding flake and holographic glitter to the mix. For obvious reasons (the rain, and lack of sun) we didn’t get to see the paint shining in all of its glory. You can guess from this photo although just how crazy it would look in the harsh Australian sunlight.


It’s good to have mates and Garage 13 had a lot of them. Due to enormous rubbing on the front wheels the car needed to be jacked and rolled around with the help of a few tough blokes. It was too much of a challenge to get it all the way outside. All the 13 received was a nice wash to rid all the dust


Tye’s put huge amounts of effort into this S13. It went from a minimal modified sr20 with extractors to a fully rebuilt type X sr20det with Tomei rocker stoppers, Tomei valve springs Tomei 262 Cams, and a HKS 3037 turbo.


The outside looks amazing also. It has stolen the wing from a GTR and added led taillights. It’s clean, simple and honestly just looks sexy as hell!




Sitting at all four corners of the car lie Origin Lab wheels, and pushing the car is a group of mates with extremely great character.


One of the coolest pieces on this car is the bonnet itself. The Dmax bonnet came from Naoki Naknamoras of Team Burst’s S13: Kmak, what a gem this is to have been able to get a hold of.

I’m rather disappointed that we didn’t get to see this amazing paint in the sunlight, but you do what you can with what you have. Lucky for us this is a car that still shines without the sunlight! Again I can’t thank the guys at Garage 13 for letting me shoot all of their total insane bunch of cars.

See the full modification list below:

~~~~~Tye’s Nissan Silvia~~~~~


Rebuilt Type X SR20DET, Tomei rocker stoppers, Tomei valve springs, Tomei 262 Cams, HKS 3037 turbo, Solutions steam pipe manifold, Sard 48mm, Fabulous fabrications stainless exhaust, Rollin imports front mount, Wastegate, 1000 Injectors, BPP fuel rail, Alloy radiator, Walbridge 460 fuel pump


R32 front brakes, S14 rear brakes, Origin lab wheels


Dmax bonnet (From Naoki Naknamoras team Burst S13 kmak), Nismo aero lip, GTR wing, Violet crumble purple flake with holographic glitter, Led taillights


Purple lollipop steering wheel, Bride fixed back seats, Power fc w/ hand controller


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Photos: Shaun Constable ~ Words: Shaun Constable ~ Proofer: Chadd Davis
© Ambition Works 2013

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