Power Horse Evolution

During my trip in Aussie, along side going to Garage 13 and the Club X meet I had a few individual owners who were interested in a photoshoot. Matt was one of those people. Thinking that Brisbane was the size of Auckland I tried to fit too many people in on one particular day giving me too little time to drive to each location, but thankfully we managed to squeeze Matt and his Evo in on the evening of the first day of automotive hunting!


The weather was looking a little bit worse for wear by this time, it had stayed clear with only a few drops of rain here and there up until now. Unlucky for Matt and myself and leaving my tripod and flash at the previous location, we had to shoot where there was light… but also rain and a lot of it.


So running around in jandals (or thongs since I was in Australia), shorts and a singlet getting the camera soaked and changing lenses in the rain I managed to grab a few decent shots that weren’t blurred and ruined by the downfall of rain. Even though it was raining and I was soaked, it was still so unbelievably hot.


Owned and built up from scratch is Matt’s pride and joy, a 2001 Mitsubishi Evolution. Under the bonnet and the heart of the car sits a 4G63 stroked out to a 2.3L by JPA Racing. It’s currently boasting an impressive 304 kilowatts of power at all four wheels on a safe tune at 25 psi.


Taking a closer look to see what’s inside, the 25 psi of boost is produced by a GT Pumps 762 Turbo set up along with a MXP S1 manifold, a 3” exhaust running out to a 2.5” muffler. Matt has future plans to replace the current exhaust with a 3.5” straight through. Alongside an improved tune and the enlarged more free flowing exhaust the Evo should be making around 370 kilowatts, an extra 70 from it’s previous figure.


Inside the stroked 4G63 sits a whole bunch of upgraded parts. Carrillo Pro H 150mm Rods, ACL Race Bearings and Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears make for one strong engine on the inside. To hold it all together Matt has fitted a Cosworth Head Gasket and Map H11 Head Studs, God himself couldn’t break down this engine.


I think this shape of Evo has to be my favourite, its not too over the top with extreme body lines and it’s not so simple it bores you asleep. The blueish looking headlights blend in extremely well with the near perfect blue paint coating the Evo.


Matt has spent a bit of time on the body and converted the front end with parts from a newer modeled Mitsubishi Evolution 9. Only minor details have changed, the bonnet now only sporting one scoop rather than two. Cleaner more refined headlights and a slightly modified front bumper.


The rear of the car also has an Evo 9 bumper sitting tightly up against the taillights. Everything fits within millimeters and has been professionally paint matched, if you didn’t know anything about Evos you’d have a hard time spotting the improved front and rear body panels.


Getting a plate in New Zealand with a word that you can actually read without sounding it out 10 times over is getting harder everyday. Matt’s plate Evvooo fits perfectly to the car and doesn’t hurt your mind trying to figure out what the owner was trying to portray. Back in NZ all of our plates are white with black writing, I’d much rather have the opposite like these ones. They’re much more subtle and don’t reflect harshly off the sunlight.


The Evo’s ass sits on 18×9.5” bronze Rota Grids with 2 Pot Brembos from factory as stopping power. The wheels fit perfectly under the guards with BR series BC Racing Coilovers.


Moving to the front of the car. Matt’s using the same setup wheel wise with two bronze 18×9.5” Rota Grids but with bigger 4 Pot Brembos along with a set of blue wheels nuts to match the body paint. At all four corners of the car, the Rota Grids are wrapped up in Bridgestone Potenza RE002 rubber.


As I wasn’t at my home town, I had limited gear. This meant getting sharing worthy photos of the interior didn’t happen. However you can expect to see all of the factory goodies the Evo 7 came with including a pair of Recaro Sport Seats. As stated previously how hot it can get in Australia Matt has fitted a trio of oil, water, and turbo gauges to keep an eye on the performance of the rather extremely modified engine.


As the rain was persistent, so was I. Battling it out and putting my gear on the line to produce a set of photos for someone who I can now call I mate, as an Aussie would say. The engine is backed by a 5 speed gearbox. I’ve only ever driven cars under 100 kilowatts, I couldn’t imagine how adrenaline pumping being in a car with double the power let alone triple would be.


The rain started to pick up and the sun was disappearing fast, jumping up on tall objects probably wasn’t the best idea but It allowed me to produce some photos I wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to take.


My last photoshoot for the day was finally done, now soaked and drained of energy I watch Matt disappear in what could only be called a power horse of a car. A massive thanks to Matt for taking the time to show me his wicked Evo and being patient enough while I scurred around, changed lenses, asked him to do this and that and so on. It was a pleasure to meet you and all the best for your endeavours for 2015.

See the full modification list below:

Matt’s 2001 Mitsubishi Evolution 7

304 KW / 408 HP @ 25 PSI (Safe Tune), Tuned by M1 Tuning

Built by JPA Racing, Machined by Jack Bros Racing, 2.3L Stroker 4G63, Carrillo Pro H 150mm Rods, ACL Race Bearings, Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears, Map H11 Head Studs, Cosworth Head Gasket, GT Pumps 762 Turbo Setup, Tomei Oil Slicing Baffle Plate, MXP S1 Manifold, 3” Exhaust Piping, 2.5” Muffler

Five Speed Gearbox

BR Series BC Racing Coilovers, 4 Pot Brembos (Front), 2 Pot Brembos (Rear)

18×9.5” Rota Grids, Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Rubber

Evo 9 Front End Conversion, Evo 9 Rear Bumper

Recaro Sports Seats, Oil/Water/Turbo Gauges

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Photos: Shaun Constable ~ Words: Shaun Constable ~ Proofer: Jane Laws
© Ambition Works 2013

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