The 2014 V 4 & Rotary Nationals

The V 4 & Rotary Nationals is an annual automotive event held at the ASB Showgrounds, mainly showcasing Japanese vehicles. This green 180SX is a great example of the quality of vehicles that are displayed at this year’s event.


You can usually find cars that are being unveiled to the NZ public for the first time at this event, this year many overseas cars joined the event, along with a start-up of their engines.


At the entrance of the show, a miniature drift track was set up for these little RC drift cars. It was definitely an easy way to watch the day go by; mad angle and tandems seemed to have stopped many people in their tracks.


There were plenty of live displays throughout the ASB showgrounds, including a car being fully wrapped from start to finish. It is a great way to show the public what a difference a little bit of material can make.


In the Logan Campbell Centre stood 18 Silvias/180SX’, ranging from the classic S13/180SX to the newest model, the S15. This shows how much support is behind s-chassis cars these days and why they are so pricy…


Engine bays around the many halls were sparkling, or even dazzling. Having a turbo that is so big it needs to be mounted entirely above the engine bay certainly made me took twice.


A few cars from the 2000 era, or the very first fast and the furious still had that style going. It certainly still looked amazing; every single detail seems to have been altered from factory!


This was definitely my favourite bonnet of the day, who could deny that they loved this Dragon ball Z styled design. I don’t know why the whole car wasn’t Dragon ball Z themed.


“Void” Such a nice Silvia, the new blue wheels on the white really stands out, not over done however it is also not too simple. I give it easy thumbs up for looks/style/fitment and all of the above.


While looking at a few of the cars, I noticed how much stuff wasn’t in there. However this engine seemed to have bits and bobs sprouting from every crevasse, hopefully the owner knows what goes where!


Think for a second, what a S14 Silvia, 350Z, and a bit of GTR would look like. Does your imagination come up with the same as this? Some might love it well others may hate it, but as long as the owner/s are pleased that’s all that really matters.


An old and new Mitsubishi Evolution sat at the outside walkway; the difference in the two isn’t hugely altered. However the original paintwork gives a greater sense of rally than the newer.


Sadly there was not as many Trueno or Levin AE85/86 at this year’s 4 & Rotary with only 2 examples coming to my attention. A red and black one at the entrance next to the new 86 and this silver black top owned by Shaun, both were in great condition!


This has got to be one of my favourite photos of the event, the way the light reflects of the lens creates a different feel to the image than the rest, and I like it.


The new 86 has got praise all around the world; the only downside that is apparent is the lack of power. This however is the first ‘known’ rocket bunny kitted Toyota 86 in New Zealand and hopefully the first of many as it looks outstanding.


Nigel’s Engineered to Slide drift Ute running an SR20DET engine has been one of the most talked about cars at the event by the general public, praise is definitely deserved for Nigel from Australia


Around by Sky’s 350Z they had plenty of wheels for display; looks like the general trend of wheel styling is moving from 5/6 spoke to mesh type old school wheels.


Plenty of promo girls were walking around the event, as I’m not a known photographer to the 4 & Rotary crew it’s always good to take shots when their posing for an official photographer.


Mad Mike and his friends sure had some awesome rides on display, including this neck breaking Police styled old school Japanese car.


Taryn and Peter’s 280Z build is coming along nicely with its first public appearance. Troubles arrived however on the way to asb showgrounds, where some towing may or may not have been required.


Whenever the live action arena had some ‘live action’, the seats were full of people, this particular moment was for the bikini contest 😉


Locally Known is one of Auckland’s ‘local’ car clubs which is ‘known’ for having some sick rides. This gnome was obviously a great contributor to the club being the supplier of the beers.


Three white silvias lined up in a row. Immaculate would be the best word to describe it. Or even jaw dropping. The owners have put in a great load of effort to keep them up to standard!


There was a MR2/MRS/Toyota club also on display; this older MR2 was my favourite example with the clean factory paint job and the flush sitting old school wheels.


The models looked to be having great fun when it was their turn to shine, the only thing a guy likes more than a car is obviously a woman. Take your pick men :p


I didn’t happen to see the CRC displaying any of their rides this year, or maybe I was being a total blonde and walked right passed their display. Either way this sticker was sitting happy on Taryn and Peter’s 280Z.


My automotive knowledge is rather alarmingly short when it comes to cars pre 1990. Something about the rear end of this (Honda?) really made me want to dive into the ways of the old.


Plenty of D1NZ and Time Attack cars were on display, some may have been promoting their sponsors during the event, or hitting up the Live Action Arena throughout the day.


Brining the past back to the future, with this Fast and the Furious 1 themed interior, it even has the PlayStation controllers wired up WITH F&F playing on the television!


I don’t know if you could call this a car, it probably falls under the category of ‘deadly weapon’ but it was amazing to watch the enormous flame discharge from the jet engine.


Hugo’s Drift 86 was sitting pretty at the MM/Speed hunters stand with its new paint job and decal combo. Supporting a set of works by the looks of things too.


As I mentioned before, taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves is a must in photography! Here is an opportunity I took with the magazine girls.


RC drift cars are getting bigger and bigger in NZ, most likely because of the price compared to actually drifting. This little 180SX was making its rounds of the halls later on in the day.


I swear Mad Mike touches something and it instantly becomes ‘bad ass’. You need to see this thing in real life to appreciate how obnoxiously low it really is!


Last year V gave away a Mazda RX7 designed by the public, this year they will be giving away another car in the same green style, again made and designed by the public of New Zealand.


The R Club had lots of Skylines for my eyes to dream about, Godlke: a nismo specified R34 GT-R certainly did not make me want to leave any time soon!


Autostance, to my knowledge is a newly created business out of a garage at home. They certainly know their stuff however, with this very tough looking drift spec S14 Silvia


And the only S2000 at the event, Autostance seriously made people look 2, 3 or even 4 times at this master piece of automotive work.


A very different style indeed was this “rat rod” inspired RX7 which took the public by surprise. Unless you have seen this sort of styling before, I’m sure it would have confused a few people.


Again another very new style to NZ, the Japanese VIP style, pulled off by the owner of X-Racing very nicely as well I might add. Apparently this drove to and from the event on Auckland’s dodgy roads!


That sums up the 4&Rotary event for 2014, hopefully with any luck next year’s event will be even bigger and better! Until then stay pretty people 🙂

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Words and Photos by Shaun

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