2013 Big Boys Toys

From the 8th-10th of November the Big Boys Toys event was held at Auckland’s ASB show grounds, and we were lucky enough to cruise to the event in this:


A New Zealand new RS13 (200sx), however if you’re from Japan they are a 180sx and in America a 240sx. This may look stock on the outside, but the heart is a CA18DET with an upgraded T28 turbo which easily puts a smile on your face.


At automobile events I am always certain that the car park will be packed with surprises, surprises like this ‘little’ mini GT. It looked like something off the Italian job with its blue paint and white stripes, I’d much rather have one of these minis than a new one, character just oozes out of it from all directions.


I’ve been to quite a few events at the ASB show grounds, and this by far was the busiest of them all. 4 & Rotary, Armageddon, the Speed Show; none of them was as hectic as this year’s big boys toys, some of the isles were so crowded that you had to wait for the perfect chance to jump into the flowing traffic.


The first area we entered was the fitness bay, in my opinion this was the area where the husbands left their wives for the day while they were off drooling over all the cars, boats, bikes, tools.


Big boys toys is a term that can be defined by various things, a huge variety of equipment was available, starting off with test shots of alcohol. As a responsible man once said, don’t drink and drive. Drink then drive. It’s much less likely you will have spillage this way.


Over the weekend 2 variables came to mind for the requirement of having a stand in the show; is it big and could it be vaguely considered a toy of some kind. I wonder where the shows name came from?


If you live in Auckland, you would know that the tunnel boring machine is currently in action. I think Ducati named this motorbike Alice after that machine due to the unmistakable raw power it has.


There are massive amounts of businesses with stands that attend big boys toys, and in that group is the automotive industry showcasing all of their new models. These guards on the new GTR are insane for a factory design, if you were to compare the first few models of the skyline to this I don’t think the connection would, could have ever been made.


Errrmmmm, the Lamborghini. That name brings chills down my spine. Ever since I was crawling I wanted one, I’ve driven one at the track, sat in them in show rooms but the privilege of owning one hasn’t crossed my path yet. This specific model is the Adventador Roadster and was one of the most talked about cars at the event.


As I moved along through the automotive area, the drift cars were discovered. I think it was the first time seeing the C’s Garage cars in person and they really are a piece of art. This pictures shows just a tiny bit of detail on the car, but it’s there alright and in big numbers too.


Outside on the skinny arena had heaps of action throughout the day, I managed to see the rounds of all the old muscles cars. A big crowd, open space and an ego to be filled lead these car owners to start burning some rubber.


was a first for me seeing anything like this at big boys toys. Robots, hand built, being controlled by a remote through a screen. They still have a lot of kilowatts to gain before these machines can start producing any sort of smoke in the distant future.


Primarily this show is for ‘big boys’, unfortunately most of them have ‘little boys’ that needed to be entertained throughout the day. Even though this child doesn’t look very happy on the outside, on the inside he’s probably bursting with joy.


As mentioned before, there were a lot of trade stands, which consisted of a massive amount of tools for the manly man. Everyone had working displays of what their tools could do, with the public being able to test them out on the spot. Not a bad way to create a want for a product with the trying before buying technique.


The amount of motorbikes on display was shocking, although my motorbike knowledge and terminology isn’t at the standards as my car knowledge is, bikes still intrigue me. This dual purpose bike certainly didn’t want to be left in the shadows with its blue and gold colour combo.


To my current knowledge there is only one of these cars in New Zealand, the Ferrari Enzo. The 6 litre V12 engine puts out 485 kilowatts of raw naturally aspirated power. That’s enough to get you in trouble in any country. To get the power reliably to the ground however, you’ll need some…


Traction, these insanely wide tires would have easily fulfilled the job of getting all that power to the ground.


I believe there was a lack of technology at this event, maybe because the 40 year old big boy doesn’t have time to sit on the couch and play games, but there was still a much noticeable absence of these sorts of toys. Anyway… Forza 5 was on demo, it was completely different than number 4, the remote made sure of that. I know change is good and you should embrace it, but it’s hard to do so when it makes you look like a terrible driver.


Outside again provided a laugh or two. Soap and water offers a slippery surface that even the human boy cannot gain traction on. While trying to kick a ball it leads to a devastating crash and fall onto the bouncy ground below.


This amazing pick-up truck was doing its rounds on the skinny arena in the afternoon, the white walls really set of the matte red paint off.


If you look really closely at this picture, you can vaguely see the word ‘lamborghini’. It’s a glass bonnet in the simplest form, letting you drool at what lies beneath it. What a tease.


Throughout my journey through the automobile scene, I have grown rather aware of the massive market there is for old school genuine wheels, and I’m beginning to see why. The details of these wheels make them unlike any other and really sets ones ride apart from the others.


More rubber burning action was provided by this fastback mustang. The sun was shining, the drinks were pouring, the smell of rubber was entering your nostrils, what else could you want?


The show was coming to an end, we headed out and walked past this beautiful hotrod. There’s something about it that just makes me get excited. Maybe it’s the open roof, naked body or custom paint job or a combination of all three of these things.


As I said at the start, the car park can hold some interesting cars, especially this lotus. The riveted on front lip gave it that extra bit of aggression that boasted the fact that it wasn’t a car to be messed with

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